Where to get IELTS previous years' question papers for practice?

The International English Language Testing System, i.e. IELTS, is a test that assesses the English language proficiency that is required to secure admission in the countries where English is the medium of communication. IELTS assessments during the practice series will assist applicants in increasing their overall performance by the end of their preparation and will help them fetch good scores.

Candidates are advised to try maximum IELTS practice test papers to get a fair knowledge about the type of questions that are asked in the exam. It is graded on a 9 band scale for those who attempt IELTS sample papers.

The preparation of IELTS through dependable resources online or offline is the most common method adopted by candidates. It is advised to attempt as many sample papers as possible. Try solving every previous set of questions to get familiar with the pattern and trend of the exam. Finding an IELTS website to do the online tests is also important. Likewise, solving the latest questions from the IELTS will help students get the hang of it, and they can understand how to prepare for the exam effectively. Also, one can self-evaluate and compare their output with the solutions available. 

IELTS mock tests are an inevitable part of preparation. To find them, it's better to keep an eye on the official IELTS website and not miss the notification. Also, the students must check the IELTS site rather than using the study materials available on other sites. It is the primary resort and trusted one.

BC IELTS Test Papers

The British Council, CAE (Cambridge Assessment English), and IDP organize the IELTS test in India, So, the applicants should consult authentic sources mentioned above for practice tests and materials. BC IELTS test is for those students who are looking to take the test in British English, whereas IDP tests are for the students who are willing to take the test in Australian English. 

Taking the IELTS Practice Test is quite easy. There are two options to take a sample test. 

  • The first is to appear for the online test via the official IELTS site that starts and ends in a fixed time. 
  • The second method is to download the question paper and finish it offline. 

Either way, the students must make sure that they try to complete the sample IELTS practice test papers in the stipulated time. There are many free and paid question sets available these days. It's not whether it's expensive or free of cost; what matters is how they make use of it. How correctly the students adhere to the time is what matters.

However, the students may get easy access to a variety of practice tests online. They can find YouTube videos or tutorials that emphasize on listening, speaking, writing, and reading exercises. In addition, they can find pattern essays too over the internet. And all of them are helpful to do the practice of IELTS. Make use of all of the resources that will help them in reaching the goal in a smooth and fast way.

To find the preceding year's question papers, check https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/exams/ielts/sample-papers

Connect with previous aspirants to understand their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. Find inspiration and form your plan of execution. Another important thing is that students are not allowed to carry IELTS question papers out of the examination hall. There will be a collection point right at the exit, most probably.

Filter your collection of previous year's questions from the sample papers. Focus on previous ones and samples from the original site of IELTS. Then move to a wide range of samples to not miss the actual model of the test.

To get the latest updates, studying tips, and sample IELTS practice test papers, the students can check the website of Shiksha. Here, they will find all the previous year’s question papers along with great insights and study tips. 


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